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    CNC Lamp Reflector Metal Spinning Lathe Machine

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We are a professional cnc metal spinning machine manufacturer in China.


Purpose of Machine Tool

Hongxiang CNC metal spinning machine has 6 series and more than 20 models, which are especially developed to aerospace, military, machinery, chemical, automotive, ventilation, hardware, lampshades, handicrafts, kitchen utensils, environment and agriculture.

This machine is practical, professional and strong. It has high production efficiency and can be able to spin metal blanks into barrel, horn, disc, hemispherical, cone, curved, parabolic, warhead and so on.

It can also process turning, trimming, flanging and crimping at the same machine tool. The machine can spin many materials such as cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, inconel and other rare metals.

It has solved the traditional problems such as lack of skilled workers. With advanced digital control, it is easy to operate. The machine can improve the production efficiency, machining accuracy and saving the cost of human resources.

It is the ideal processing machine for light, automobile, military, mechanic and other manufacturing industries.

At the same time, Hongxiang CNC metal spinning machine has a design capacity of independent machines, spinning machines can design special products according to demand, will be the perfect spinning production program delivered to the user.


Standard Configurations & Main Features

1. Guangzhou KY-808xy as standard CNC system which has USB port.

2. Meehanite cast iron after aging treatment, with high quality and less deformation.

3. Adopted independent spindle unit to ensure good movement precision, stiffness and stability.

4. Precision ball screws ensure dynamic performance well and positioning accurately.

5. X axis adopts integral two-way ball screw

6. Feeding axles are driven by servo motors.

7. Integrated automatic lubrication system makes the maintenance more reliable.

8. Configuration cooling pump.

9. Mobile manual pulse generator makes easy to operate.

10. Semi-enclosed s hield.


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